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    18 Things Indians Moving Abroad Did Not Anticipate

    Will slowly cry myself to sleep while singing "I love my India".

    1. No one told you about the incessant questions about being an Indian.

    SLB Films

    "OMG. Are you Hindu?"

    "Can you teach me yoga?"

    "How do you speak English so well?"

    "Do you know anyone in Bollywood?"

    2. Your playlist will reflect your homesickness.

    Sonia Thomas / BuzzFeed

    3. In more ways than one, sometimes.

    4. Your order always comes with the same instruction — "Extra spicy please".

    Balle Pictures

    5. Your lovely name will be butchered and turned into a contorted version of itself, and you won't have any choice but to respond to it.

    Eagle Films

    6. Your intense chaat and street food cravings will be the death of you.

    7. The Indian restaurants around you will never, ever match up to maa ke haath ka khana.

    8. You'll scoff at people around you getting into yoga, turmeric lattes, and ghee.

    9. The only way you can now catch up on big events and family reunions back home is through social media.

    *braces self for intense FOMO*

    10. You'll spend a lot of time catching up with them on Skype, though.

    Even if it isn't the same thing, it feels comforting enough.

    11. A lot of those calls will be made just to ask your mom how to cook Indian food the way she does, and you'll regret never having listened to her earlier.

    British Sky Broadcasting

    12. You'll often end up saying things in your mother tongue or making references to things that no one around you will ever understand.

    Dharma Productions

    13. No pub will ever match the vibe of your shady bar back home.

    14. Everyone will have a long list of things they want when you come home.

    Rega Jha

    15. And on your way back, you will carry back more food than anything else.

    Rega Jha

    16. No one else will share your enthusiasm when India is playing a cricket match ANYWHERE.

    17. You and your other Indian friends will collectively miss being in India on bad days.

    Vishesh Films

    Hence making you exactly the kind of NRIs you laughed at.

    18. And you will agree that no matter where you go, there is no place like home.

    Mukta Arts

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