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Kohli Isn't Just A Madman On The Pitch: Here's What Happened When He Was Given A Tambourine

Kohli seems to be the only one enjoying this.

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Anil Kumble was recently hired as the head coach of the Indian national cricket team.

Manjunath Kiran / AFP / Getty Images

And while that was great news for fans, he did the most Indian boss-like thing and immediately organised a team building exercise that happened to involveā€¦ tambourines?

Rohit Sharma and Dhoni are the face of every awkward employee forced to do this by their employers.

Even Kumble made awkward faces around the circle as if to say, "I regret this already."

Virat Kohli, however, just needs to be the enthu cutlet WHEREVER he goes.

Watch the confusing AF exercise here.