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    Pakistani Women Dare Men To "#TryBeatingMeLightly" As A Protest Against The CII Bill

    "I am the kind of woman they name hurricanes after. I dare you, #TryBeatingMeLightly"

    Last week, The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) in Pakistan, in a proposed women's protection bill, said that men could "lightly beat" their wives "if needed".

    Farooq Naeem / AFP / Getty Images

    As a response, Pakistani photographer, Fahhad Rajper did a series called #TryBeatingMeLightly where he took pictures of Pakistani women of all ages with their reactions to the proposed bill.

    The album has garnered over 700 shares in less than 24 hours. Rajper told BuzzFeed, "#TryBeatingMeLightly is an initiative to empower women amongst us who work towards individual and collective betterment. It's an opportunity for those to voice their opinions who can't or don't. The women around me, at my home, in my friend circle and in the industry that I love."

    Here are some of the photos from the series:

    Fahhad Rajper

    Adeeqa Lalwani says, "#TryBeatingMeLightly, I'll become the destruction you will never foresee."

    Fahhad Rajper

    Farah S Kamal, education consultant says, "#TryBeatingMeLightly and tell me if you would like yourself to be beaten up lightly?"

    Fahhad Rajper

    Priyanka Pahuja says, "#TryBeatingMeLightly and I'll run a car over you with my 7 years of driving experience!"

    Fahhad Rajper

    Shagufta Abbas says, "#TryBeatingMeLightly — I'll break that hand you raised at me. Remaining damage? I'll leave it upto Allah."

    Fahhad Rajper

    Fizza Rehman says, "#TryBeatingMeLightly, I will beat you up lightly too, that too in public. I am very particular about gender equality."

    Fahhad Rajper

    Sadiya Azhar says, "#TryBeatingMeLightly — beat me with your intelligence, if you may. Beat me with your wit. Beat me with your smile. Beat me with your kindness. But if you dare to beat me even with a feather, I'd really beat the shit out of you. With love."

    Fahhad Rajper

    Alvera Rajper says, "#TryBeatingMeLightly — Tell me how would you feel if someone beats your daughter up lightly?"

    Fahhad Rajper

    Rabya Ahmed says, "#TryBeatingMeLightly - I'm the sun. Touch me and I will burn you like hell fire. I am light, you will try, but you can never stop me. You can never contain me. I am the kind of woman they name hurricanes after. I dare you, #TryBeatingMeLightly."

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