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This Indian Woman's Naga Food Truck Is All The Rage In Belgium

Taking our food everywhere.

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This is Belgium-based chef, Lulu Pheiga.

Lulu, who was a flight attendant before, had enjoyed cooking since she was in her teens.

Two years back, she and her husband, Bob Staal, decided to take her cooking to the city of Genk in Belgium where they are based.

What started out as a venture in a tent is now a food truck called "Lulu's Tribal Kitchen" in her town and honestly, the food looks amazing.

The food truck has now become quite popular and even has quite a few people flocking to it wherever it is stationed.

Lulu is overwhelmed with the response. “People here are very open-minded and keen on trying new things. We went through lots of difficult times as Naga cuisine is very different from the Indian cuisine they know. But once they try it, they really appreciate it and even come back to us and tell us personally how good it was,” she told BuzzFeed.

You can visit Lulu's Tribal Kitchen on Facebook and on her website.