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    28 Jul 2017

    This Woman Imagined Desi Women As Hollywood Romcom Leads And We Need To Make This Happen

    Take my money and make this happen.

    This is 27-year-old illustrator Shebani Rao who recently did a series of illustrations to prove desi women need to be better represented in Hollywood.

    Shebani Rao

    "In the last few years — and especially in recent months — we've started to see a lot more South Asians in pop culture. But by always presenting straight, white women as brown mens' love interests, shows like Master of None and films like The Big Sick tend to exclude brown women or present them as burdensome, caricatured, and unattractive options. So, I imagined what it would have been like if the romcoms I grew up with featured anyone who looked like me, and the idea for the illustrations was born," Rao told BuzzFeed.

    Here are some of the actresses she reimagined as desi women:

    The Wedding Singer with Drew Barrymore

    Shebani Rao

    You've Got Mail with Meg Ryan

    Shebani Rao

    Marley and Me with Jennifer Aniston

    Shebani Rao

    (500) Days Of Summer with Zooey Deschanel

    Shebani Rao

    10 Things I Hate About You with Julia Stiles

    Shebani Rao

    Follow Rao's work on Instagram.

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