This Singapore Restaurant Just Named A Cocktail "Madarchod" Because That's The World We Live In

    What a time to be alive.

    On July 19, this tweet by user @DadaThaakur about an odd addition to a cocktail menu at the Equilibrium restaurant in Singapore went viral.

    Indian: Do you know what is "Madarchod" American: Yes, it's a dish with enticing flavours of India and costs $23

    Originally tweeted by @ad_singh, this now-popular cocktail is a delicious-sounding mix of chai and bourbon. But, does that matter when the NAME is that good!?

    This particular menu item has become the butt of jokes on Indian Twitter because well, you know...

    By the time BuzzFeed reached out to them, turns out they were totally in on it.

    This is what the "Madarchod" looks like in all its glory.

    What a world.