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This Singapore Restaurant Just Named A Cocktail "Madarchod" Because That's The World We Live In

What a time to be alive.

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On July 19, this tweet by user @DadaThaakur about an odd addition to a cocktail menu at the Equilibrium restaurant in Singapore went viral.

Indian: Do you know what is "Madarchod" American: Yes, it's a dish with enticing flavours of India and costs $23

Originally tweeted by @ad_singh, this now-popular cocktail is a delicious-sounding mix of chai and bourbon. But, does that matter when the NAME is that good!?

Twitter: @ad_singh

The drink has been described as "enticing flavours of India, creamy chai latte shaken with amaretto, bulleit bourbon, hazelnut syrup, fresh cream and honey water"... WUT.

This is what the "Madarchod" looks like in all its glory.


"Yes, we are certainly aware of the meaning. We would not imagine doing it in your country but Singapore is a multi-racial country with little bias and a wider berth when it comes to humour. We saw the humour in introducing an Indian inspired cocktail with a tongue-in-cheek name. It was never designed for an audience market based in India, nonetheless the conservatives of that market," the restaurant's management told BuzzFeed.