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    This Mumbai Teen's Recreation Of Goddesses As Modern Women Will Make You Say "Yaaasss"

    Awakening the inner goddess in you.

    This is 17-year-old, Mumbai-based artist Priyanka Paul.

    Priyanka Paul

    She recently did a series on feminist goddesses in which she reimagines goddesses from cultures across the world as modern-day women, inspired from Indian poet Harnidh Kaur's poem, "Pantheon".

    Paul told BuzzFeed, "It [the series] talks about oppression across cultures, and the reclaiming of female bodies, sexualities and voices across different cultures. The point of them being goddesses was to put across the idea of women today being goddesses like the mythological ones — strong, fierce, and epitomes of feminine divinity."

    This is the Indian goddess of power, Kali.

    This is the Japanese Sun goddess, Amaterasu.

    This is the Greek goddess of women, childbirth, family and marriage, Hera.

    This is the Egyptian goddess of health and wisdom, Isis.

    Apart from goddesses, she also covered the biblical character, Eve.

    You can buy prints of these from RedBubble and PosterGully. You can also follow her work on Instagram.