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    This Guy Sent In A "GQ"-Style CV Good Enough To Earn Him An Offer Without Any Interview

    Thinking of revamping mine soon.

    This is Bengaluru-based 21-year-old Sumukh Mehta.

    Dixitbhattphotography / Via

    After creating some 160-odd résumés for MBA graduates as a way to earn money while in college, he decided to do something different for himself and made this:

    Sumukh Mehta / Via

    "I wanted to work at GQ because I wanted to work at a place where I will be able to use my marketing knowledge as creatively as possible," Mehta told BuzzFeed.

    Sumukh Mehta / Via

    He took three weeks to get the "magazine" ready and then sent it via courier to GQ's offices in New York, London, and Mumbai.

    Sumukh Mehta / Via

    They were so into it that even GQ India's editor, Che Kurrien, 'grammed the cover of Mehta's magazine.

    Che Kurrien / Via

    Soon enough, he even managed to score an offer for an internship at GQ in London without an interview because his rad CV managed to impress the editor-in-chief.

    Sumukh Mehta / Via

    While he is still trying to figure how to get himself to the UK to claim the internship, he is glad his efforts paid off.

    Sumukh Mehta / Via

    What a baller.

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