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    Posted on 8 Jul 2016

    These Drawings Perfectly Capture What It's Like To Live With Anxiety

    "I really wanted people to know that they're not alone."

    Mumbai-based artist Pranita Kocharekar recently did a series about acknowledging anxiety and the emotions people riddled with the disorder go through.

    Pranita Kocharekar

    Using the hashtag #AcknowledgeAnxiety, she posted a series of hilarious but completely relatable situations for anyone with anxiety.

    She decided to make this series after she discussed her own issues with anxiety with other friends who had similar experiences, along with some inputs from the internet.

    “I really wanted people to know that they’re not alone. Mental illnesses and disorders can be very delicate to handle, and the first step to cure is acknowledging the illness,” Kocharekar told BuzzFeed.

    "I wanted to keep it very light-hearted to make sure that an already anxious person does not feel more anxious after viewing the series. I made sure to mention in each post that these are feelings and emotions of an anxious person and not symptoms of anxiety," she added.

    "A lot of people could relate to it, a lot of them sent me messages to speak more about the illness," she said.

    "To understand the illness better, one must visit a doctor," she added.

    You can follow her work on Facebook and Instagram.

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