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    This Woman Doesn't Want Your Vote To Go Waste, So She Decided To Rap About It

    If this doesn't work, what will?

    Chennai-based rapper Sofia Ashraf, of "Kodaikanal Won't" fame, has released a new song just before the Tamil Nadu assembly elections.

    In collaboration with musician Suren Vikhash and PutChutney, she released the "NOTA Song" yesterday.

    "We were just sitting and jamming on the night of the floods, with the lights out at our place. The song was initially very angsty, but we knew it was something we wanted to work with," Ashraf told BuzzFeed.

    "What I have realised with our generation is that we'd rather not vote at all because we think politics is corrupt. We need to change that," Ashraf explained.

    "We want to start a conversation about NOTA and let people understand that they have an option that is better than letting a vote go waste," she added.

    With voting day on May 16, this seems like the perfect message to share with Tamil Nadu's voters. You can watch the video here —

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