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    The IPL Ending Means One Glorious Thing: "Sooryavansham" Back On Set Max

    The final may have torn us apart, but this legendary cinematic masterpiece is already bringing us back together.

    Sooryavansham is an 18-year-old cult classic starring Amitabh Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan in a saga about family, ego, pride, happiness, love, and revenge.

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    Basically, it's a legendary movie that you need to have watched to be able to call yourself a certified Bollywood buff.

    Since its release, the film has found a permanent home on Set Max (now known as Sony Max).

    Fun fact: Set Max and Sooryavansham both happened to the world in the same year — 1999.

    I mean, the relationship between the film and the channel is so popular that it has become a meme.

    😂 Fair questions have been raised:


    During the IPL season though, the primetime programming on Sony Max completely belonged to the matches.

    Dibyangshu Sarkar / AFP / Getty Images

    This meant little space for any film, really (unless you're getting the channel in HD as well).

    But on the day of the IPL final, while the match kept everyone's nerves occupied, some realised that the end of the season meant one thing — the return of Sooryavansham.

    And soon enough, the jokes were back.

    Messages were sent to Sony Max HQ.

    Audience members were implicated.

    And there were many, many memes.

    I'm all up for a Sooryavansham sesh soon enough.