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Pritam Maaaay Have Lifted The Opening Riff For "Bulleya" From Papa Roach's "Last Resort"

So, THAT'S where it's from.

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The opening riff of the song has been clearly lifted from Papa Roach's biggest hit "Last Resort".

FINALLY heard #Bulleya & got reminded of why i stopped listening to Pritam in the first place. What a rip off of Last Resort! BC!

#Bulleya A peppy song that will grow on repeated hearings. But its beats have an uncanny resemblance to Last Resort.


Bulleya made me listen Last Resort again after so long which then made me listen Genghis Khan and that made me listen Hallowed Be Thy Name.

Here it is the guitar tune and background used by Pritam in Bulleya

@ipritamofficial @KaranJO @aamir_khan @iamsrk Pritam has done really hard work by lifting songs for #ADHM #Bulleya

The song 'Bulleya' from Aae Dil Hai Mushkil is a bad copy of Papa Roach's song 'Last Resort'


Instead of using term #copycat we should use #pritam.. Coz his name seems to be synonymous with it #Bulleya= Papa Roach song Last Resort.😜

This isn't a first-time offence for the music composer Pritam.

Pritam Da Can't Compose A Single Track without Copying 😕 Awesome Lyrics And vocals but Copied From Papa Roach's Last Resort #Bulleya #ADHM

pritam ripped off last resort. matlab guts hai aadmi mein

You could listen to both the opening riffs and decide yourself tbh.

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The riff comes in at about 0:11 here.

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