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    11 Actual, Working Study Hacks That You Can Use For Your Exams

    Everybody could use a helping hand during these stressful times.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite study hacks. Here are the ones that actually work.

    1. Bring some colour into your study time.

    "Make your notes more colourful. The colours help you remember and associate better." — Shweta Renganathan via Facebook.

    2. Discuss papers with friends over WhatsApp calls.


    "Find one reliable friend. Each of you take a question paper and call each other on WhatsApp. Take turns asking each other random questions. If neither of you know the answer, one of you search through the text book and the other Google it. You can take breaks to gossip in the middle too." — Ranjani Venkatakrishnan via Facebook.

    3. Play some amazing background music to be able to concentrate more.

    Nadiadwala Grandsons Entertainment

    "The soundtracks of video games are designed to keep you focussed. Hence, they make good background music for the purpose of studying." — aparajitaguha16

    "If you have ADHD or similar disorders, try keeping an instrumental playlist on shuffle or try sites like 8Tracks. They have playlists specifically for studying." — Sudha Kappet Rao via Facebook.

    4. Take a break and move to a different room when you feel like it.

    R.K. Studios

    "Change your environment if you feel you're in a rut. Libraries are best but you can sit at coffee shops during weekdays (less noisy)." — Sudha Kappet Rao via Facebook.

    5. Make audio recordings of you reading the notes so that you can hear them later.

    Summit Entertainment

    "I record voice notes of important definitions and listen to them. The tone of my voice helps me remember them." — avantid

    6. Get some rest from time to time.

    Dharma Productions

    "Take breaks. Don’t do long hours of study. Short and effective periods of studying have proven to be more helpful than long hours of studying." — zainz155

    7. Don't study when you're stressed out.

    Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd

    "All that you’ll think about is the outcome of the paper, and lose out on valuable time. This also disables you from concentrating on the matter you are currently studying, as it won’t register well in your head. It's just an exam, strategise properly but chill too." — khushirao24

    8. Visual aids are great.

    Twitter: @NDU_Louaize

    "To memorize a list, I draw a small picture beside each one. For example: if it’s environmental factors, I draw a tree beside it. During the exam even if I completely blank out, I can remember that picture." — st23

    9. Eating healthy miiiight not be a bad idea, after all.

    Yash Raj Films

    "I used to eat a lot and that made me sleepy. But then, I started eating fruits instead of heavy foods because of which I can read and understand the chapters better." — sonalisejwal201

    10. Write, write, write...

    Eros International

    "... And then write some more. Most people "read" the answers and remember them correctly but bungle answers in the paper. It's a written exam, not an oral exam." — Vikrant Banerjee via Facebook.

    11. And remember: your marks don't define who you are.

    Vinod Chopra Films

    "Don't panic. Believe me getting low marks isn't the end of the world. You'll survive." — Sudha Kappet Rao via Facebook.

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