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    16 Pictures That Will Punch You In The Gut If You're Secretly Kanjoos AF

    Sales are my best friend tbh.

    1. This jump for a good bargain.

    2. This casual dismissal of people's needs.

    3. This absolute reality.

    4. This endless guilt.

    5. This extravagant meal.

    6. This ready compromise in quality.

    7. This unnecessary sass.

    8. This meal-planning hack.

    9. This unbridled joy of money in your account.

    10. This relentless messaging spree.

    11. This totally relatable peek at the tag.

    12. This abrupt end to a relationship.

    13. This shocking moment for friends when you keep a promise.

    14. This life-saving jugaad.

    15. This welcome embrace when you decide to be generous.

    16. And this constant plea to every potential employer.

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