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18 Things Only Cousins Who Are BFFs Know To Be True

Who else will I successfully get through family reunions with?

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1. There is zero awkwardness because you already know all their weird habits.


2. They know exactly what to say to convince your mom about something.


3. You don't have to explain anything when you're bitching about someone from the family.

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"You know how aunty is na..."

4. Neither do you have to go into details about your past when catching up because they have been around for literally your entire lives.

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5. Your parents trust you both to take care of each other when you're together.

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6. This means you can both get away with all the shit you get up to.

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7. Besides, even if you do get caught, you have each other to get through the punishment.

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8. When you're away from family, you choose to let loose and be your real wild selves.

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9. But that doesn't stop you from laughing at your own inside jokes in front of other people.

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10. Or going down memory lane with an "OMG remember when...?"

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11. You always have a synchronised dance routine that you whip out on every special occasion.

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Shaadi, sangeet, birthday party, Diwali party, Christmas party, promotion party, biryani party. Everything.

12. And even if someone asked you to prepare something new on the spot, you don't worry because you're always in sync.

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13. When shit goes down, you just text each other in the middle of the family gathering.

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14. When you want to get away from it all, you always have them to sneak out of the situation conveniently.

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15. They're your go-to lenders when you cannot ask your parents or friends for cash.

16. They know exactly what to say to really take your case.

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17. But, they'd lay their lives down for you if someone else even tried.

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18. And even if you don't always keep in touch, you don't worry because your bond is thicker than blood.

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