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    Posted on 22 Jul 2016

    The Internet Can't Get Over How Much Legendary Singer Mukesh Looks Like Chandler Bing

    Could this BE any stranger?

    Today is legendary Bollywood playback singer Mukesh's 93rd birth anniversary. Google put up a doodle to pay tribute to him.

    Look closely at this doodle though.

    You might recognise this person from somewhere. Maybe, a long lost.... FRIEND!?

    Getty Images

    Facebook user Vaibhav Vishal first posted this image on Facebook to point it out.

    A fleeting look at the doodle fooled me. Soon enough, everyone was seeing it too.

    Just for your reference, here's what he actually looked like.

    Let's compare.

    BuzzFeed India

    Maaaaaybe, I see why they were confused?



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