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    Posted on 3 Jun 2016

    Hema Malini Tweeted And Deleted Photos While Her Constituency Has Suffered Cases Of Violence

    23 people, including two police officers, have died because of the violence in Mathura.

    On June 2, alleged rebels were in a face-off with the police at Mathura. 23 people died in the operation, including two police officers.

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    Bollywood yesteryear star Hema Malini who is the elected representative for Mathura was on location for a shoot in Mumbai this morning and posted these pictures.

    Considering the gravity of the situation in her constituency, Twitter was seething.

    Though the tweets of the pictures have since been deleted, Times Now recorded a video of her timeline for a story.

    Hema Malini has also tweeted about the violence in Mathura since then.

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