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On The #PadManChallenge: The Positives, Negatives, And The Bloody Truth

While talking openly about periods is awesome, pads actually aren't.

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It's actually kickass to see menstrual products held up and talked about openly, in a country where menstrual stigma kills women daily.

Fact: Only 57.6% of women in India have access to sanitary napkins. They end up using twigs, leaves, and other unsanitary methods, which can lead to cervical cancer and even be fatal for some.


Here's the thing: Unlike pads, menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone and fit right inside your vaginal canal, and collect the blood that you push out of your uterus. They can be cleaned easily and used the next month again.

It doesn't require as much changing as a pad does, and is def waaaay more environmentally friendly than a pad, which is not biodegradable. Also, the top layers of pads are made with toxic chemicals that could harm women more.

"It infuriated me that people are offering solutions without giving it due thought and research... It's just about flaunting one's progressive thought in a circle where most people are obviously not period-shy," Jain told BuzzFeed.

"As an individual, I can't beat the wave, so I decided to ride on it. I used the same hashtag to create awareness on sustainable options (menstrual cups and cloth pads) to manage one's periods and dismiss myths that cloth causes cancer and disposable napkins are the only ways to manage one's period," she added.

You can buy Boondh's menstrual cup here and you can read more about using menstrual cups safely here.

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