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I Tried Out A Coaster That Talks To You While You Drink And I'd Like Real People Instead

Please hold my beer and stop talking.

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Sometime this month, my friend introduced me to the weirdest thing called The Bro'ster that's available in Bengaluru.

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For those who haven't heard of this: The Bro'ster is an interactive, chargeable battery-operated coaster. It either encourages you to keep drinking or gets you to slow down and avoid a hangover by flashing messages on its screen every time you take a sip. Right now, it's only in five bars in Bengaluru and might find its way to more places as they expand.



Let's be real: if this box told me to slow down while drinking at a bar, I would probably throw it against a wall while screaming, "JAGER BOMBS!" hence completely destroying the idea of trying to save me from a hangover.


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Do I like the Bro'ster? I think it's alright. It kept me entertained while I was drinking but I was also fully aware of how gimmicky it is.

Would I like to see it at a bar? Proooobably not. I'll be okay talking to people instead.