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    This Kid Got Paid $2,000 From Facebook For Making Mango Ice Cream And Is My New Hero

    Just in case you needed some inspiration to get shit done.

    This is six-year-old Kochi-based, Nihal Raj a.k.a. Kicha.

    He has been cooking since the age of four; a time when most of us grappled with forming complete sentences.

    "He always enjoyed standing in the kitchen with his mother when she was cooking. Once, we uploaded a video of his cooking for fun on Facebook and all our friends told us we should get him his own YouTube channel," his father, Rajagopal VK told BuzzFeed.

    In fact, he's so into it that he has his own secret ingredient and everything.

    A casting agency making commercials for Facebook spotted Kicha's mango ice cream video and decided to get the rights to the video for the same.

    Facebook, in turn, paid him a whopping $2,000 for the rights to the video.

    A Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed:

    "In a recent brand promotional campaign, we wanted to celebrate examples of the rich and dynamic ways people are using the platform. When we came across the public post featuring Nihal Raj cooking, the video felt like a great fit and we were delighted he and his parents agreed to participate.”

    Right now, Kicha and his parents have donated a part of the money to autistic children in Kerala.

    Watch the $2,000 video here:

    View this video on YouTube

    Damn, son.


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