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    12 Confessions From An Alleged Former Shah Rukh Khan Employee

    "He actually came to the cafeteria during my lunch break, sat across the table and had all my Chole Bhature."

    A question on Quora asked what Shah Rukh Khan is like in his private life and someone who claims to be an ex-employee at his home office wrote a long response that has now earned over 15,500 upvotes.

    Anonymously, she went on to say —

    1. "He’s a gentleman."

    2. "He never misses a chance to garner love from his fans."

    3. "He has a special department for charities."

    4. "He’s a dedicated family man."

    5. "He’s a total foodie."

    6. "He’s very humble."

    7. "He’s way wittier in real life."

    8. "He’s a hothead... Not."

    9. "He’s a hard worker."

    10. "He is well-informed and well-read."

    11. "He keeps his pre-stardom friends close."

    12. "He's always late."

    Read the entire answer here.