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    Posted on 21 Sep 2016

    "Harper’s Bazaar India" Did A Groundbreaking Photo Series Defying Global Beauty Standards

    The series features Tyra Banks and transgender models Tracy Norman and Geena Rocero.

    Harper's Bazaar India collaborated with American art director, Christopher Sollinger to create an Instagram series called "Nine Wonders of The World" featuring top models in the fashion industry.

    The series features diverse women from the fashion industry with their faces, front and centre, wearing unique headpieces designed by American artist Isaac Aden.

    The series, created to fight the idea of what is beautiful in the fashion industry, also features transgender models Tracey Norman and Geena Rocero on the covers.

    Christopher Sollinger

    "This cover means the world to me and for me to represent my community, it is such a humbling experience for me," Norman told People magazine.

    "Diversity has always been the DNA of Harper's Bazaar. The Indian edition is delighted to follow in such illustrious footsteps with this Instagram-only initiative," Nonita Kalra, editor, Harper's Bazaar India told BuzzFeed.

    “Showcasing white woman after white woman on covers does not work anymore, we need to show the women of the world that is of now. The world is changing and with this story we want to be a part of that global revolution," Sollinger told People magazine.

    The series will be up on Harper's Bazaar India's Instagram.

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