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    19 Things Only NRIs From The Gulf Will Understand

    Maafi maaloom arabi, but still loving it with all my desi heart.

    1. You're pretty tired of explaining that Dubai is not the only place in the Gulf.


    "No, it's actually Qatar/Kuwait/Dammam/Riyadh/Muscat/Abu Dhabi. Dubai is a different place."

    2. You agree that Captain Majid was a goddamn religion.

    3. You still giggle when you hear someone say "Beebsi".

    4. You're a lowkey Bollywood genius (to everyone's surprise) because of weekly trips to the video parlour.

    5. You didn't go to school on camels, but you did manage to have some fun times in the desert on these.

    6. You still look for the satisfaction that this place's organised AF aisles gave you.

    7. You didn't leave for summer vacations to India without this.

    8. You looked to this beautiful elixir for refreshment, digestion and maybe even making a whole meal out of it.

    9. You most definitely own an appliance with an Arabic keyboard.

    10. You always feel like home when you smell the faint scent of oudh anywhere in the world.

    11. Your entire tiffin in school could have been just this and you'd be happy.

    12. You're still a little unnerved by having your weekend on Sunday instead of Friday.

    13. You're pretty sure your fast food is the best.

    No, I mean. Really...

    14. And that doesn't mean you don't get some GREAT Indian food just in case you miss home.

    15. Extreme weather doesn't affect you anymore, because you've seen it all.

    16. Despite all the chatter about it, you looked at abayas as a goddamn statement.

    17. The only Arabic you ever learnt was "Mafi maaloom Arabi".

    18. You met people from all over India and across the world, making you waaay more tolerant than you thought.

    19. And you know you've got some of the most beautiful cities in the world to call home.

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