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Shah Rukh Khan Called Karan Johar A "G** M*******" On Twitter To Only Give Us Real BFF Goals

"Got machismo"

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On June 16, Karan Johar wrote a blog post for NDTV about his Twitter trolls.

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In the post, he wrote:

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He added:

I realise that I'm kind of everywhere: I'm judging a reality show, then I'm dancing on it (which I really need to rethink); I'm hosting a talk show; I'm directing movies; I'm producing movies; I'm writing. So is it my over-accessibility, my sometimes unjustified affability, and my constant availability - the reasons I am so regularly trolled?

No, of course, it's not. As the famous line goes, I do know it's not me, it's them.

I went through the stages, the three emotions: anger to indifference to high levels of amusement. At this stage, frankly, I'm almost excited to be trolled, or I would be were it just about the trollers and their sad little minds.

By the way - it's not like I consider being called gay an abuse or a bad word (though I am intrigued - endlessly - by the equally endless obsession with my sex life. Or, umm, lack thereof).

What gets my goat is the misogyny therein, the sexism that's so rampant. The ability to hurt and wound.

The blog post was applauded by many in Bollywood and the Indian internet for its candour, and his best friend Shah Rukh Khan wasn't far behind.

@karanjohar u ‘G** Ma******’.Ur sensitivity,drive & ur talent makes me say u truly ‘Got Machismo’ more than most.But BlueSteel is pushin it!

Johar's response was just as adorable:

@iamsrk haha!!!!! Love you Bhai!!!! I had a feeling you would react to that....big huge hug!!!

#BFFGoals, you guys.

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