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This Woman's Viral Tweet Revealed That Many Indians Keep Parle G In Their Cars For Beggars

Today, in random acts of kindness.

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Yesterday, Twitter user Visha Suchde tweeted about keeping Parle G biscuits in her car for those who come begging for alms.

This always stays in my car. So no one that comes knocking at my window, goes back empty handed

Twitter's generally cold heart warmed right up at this random act of kindness.

The tweet that now has over 1,600 RTs and over 2,600 likes has spawned a series of responses from people who do the same.

@vishasuchde strange.! I have them there too. :)

@vishasuchde i got regular guests too twice a day

Some even recalled their own experiences when doing the same.

@vishasuchde Your tweet rekindled sweet memories of when we used to stock our car with my MIL's handmade chikki. Must do so, again. :)

Some even suggested feeding stray animals or maybe even carrying other items with them.

Good to know that kindness still exists.