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    Rahul Khanna As A Teenager Is Proof That We All Have Hope In Life

    I would have still agreed to go out with him for book dates, tbh.

    This is Rahul Khanna, the First of His Kind, King of MmmYes and Snapchat innuendo, Lord of My Heart, Protector of the Beauty Of Men, Khalasar of the Greek God Face, Hotborn and Father of My Future Babies.

    On this fine evening, he tweeted this picture of himself as a teenager and well...

    #WhenIWas13 I loved books, most of my friends had 4 legs & I had to navigate very awkward facial hair! #NerdsRule 🤓

    Look at those long, awkward legs with those pretty rad kicks that would eventually become strong limbs.

    Look at the fully braced smile on his adorkable face as he dons that turquoise cap, embracing the nerd-dom.

    Even his royal steed is pretty happy to be with him.

    But, down the line, he somehow transformed to this hunky mass of love.

    We're blessed.