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This Eco-Friendly House In Mumbai Is Also A Delight To Look At

Brb, befriending the Bhargavas.

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This is Collage House in Belapur, Navi Mumbai, home to four generations of the Bhargava family.

The project, which began in 2006, was spearheaded by S+PS Architects, a local studio.

"The front façade sets the tone for what lies within, with a 'corner of windows' that recycles old windows and doors of demolished houses in the city," the firm explained in a press note.

The design owes inspiration to Mumbai's "frugality, adaptability, multi-tasking, resourcefulness and ingenuity." It employs the aesthetic of "the found object, ad-hoc, eclectic, patched and collaged."

These themes extend to the interiors, which implement "recycled materials like old textile blocks, flooring out of old Burma teak rafters and purlins, colonial furniture, and fabric waste, along with new ways of using traditional elements and materials like carved wooden mouldings, beveled mirrors, heritage cement tiles, and more."


The central courtyard features a "pipe wall" made of metal pipe leftovers, a wall clad with ​a kitsch of coloured tile samples, and a second wall covered in "cut-waste stone slivers lifted off the back of stone cutting yards and waste generated on site."

"Hundred-year-old columns from a dismantled house bring back memories, and nostalgia is nourished with a lightweight, steel and glass pavilion (with solar panels above) on the terrace level overlooking fabulous views down the hillside," S+PS Architects wrote.