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    This Song Combines JNU Protestors’ Chants With A Super Catchy Beat

    Make music, not war.

    For several days, India has been consumed by news of protests (and their fallouts) at Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University.

    SAJJAD HUSSAIN / Stringer

    Yesterday, Chandigarh-based composer Siddharth "Dub" Sharma dropped this track combining JNU protestors' chants with beats and lyrics.

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    And it's catchy as hell.

    He told BuzzFeed India:

    "I belong to no political ideology, but I heard and immediately felt connected with what Kanhaiya said in this. The word 'freedom' means a lot not just to me, but all. But, having freedom technically and having true freedom are two different things. So, I just tried to amplify what I believe in."


    The only great silver lining through this whole JNU fiasco is this track.

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