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    Desi Women Are Rocking The #BadBeti Halloween Look On Instagram

    Raise your hands and your makeup game if you're a #BadBeti.

    Maria Qamar, who runs Hatecopy, posted this absolutely rad illustration on Instagram last week to promote an exhibition that she will be running with Babbu The Painter.

    Inspired by the image, makeup artist Jasmine Lakhesar posted this gorgeous Halloween look.

    Soon enough, Instagrammers started posting their own versions of the look with the hashtag #badbeti.

    And these women have been slayin' the look everywhere.

    All the bad betis on the internet have come together to show how beautiful they really are...

    ...and that they give zero fucks.



    Hatecopy also posted a compilation of all the lovely ladies showing how well bad girls can really do it.

    Solid Halloween inspo right here, desi ladies.