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    7 Indians Tell Us The Joys And Struggles Of Leaving Corporate Jobs To Become Teachers

    "It was fun to walk into a fancy office and feel all important, but I soon got bored. So now, I walk into a classroom full of 60 crazy kids who are always excited and screaming and life is not the same anymore."

    Teach For India is an NGO where young men and women from across the country volunteer to teach children in small schools with limited means, in a two-year long Fellowship. BuzzFeed spoke to a few of the Fellows to understand why they chose to abandon their seemingly cushy lives to teach children:

    1. Kshipra Ajrekar, 20, mass media student

    2. Ankita, 30, banker

    3. Saket, 27, IT professional

    4. Rachana, 25, microbiology student

    5. Somsuvra, 29, engineer

    6. Karthik, 23, chemical engineer

    7. Janaki Kannan, 25, advertising professional