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7 Easy Ways You Can Catch Up With India's Current Affairs When Everything's Way Too Confusing

About time we all get involved.

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2. Consti-Tuition


Meghnad breaks down the workings of the Indian constitution and how politics works in our country. This is pretty much for dunces like me who didn't pay enough attention to civics classes in school, but waaaay more relevant.

3. Shut Up Ya Kunal

On his web show Shut Up Ya Kunal, comedian Kunal Kamra invites folks from the world of politics to discuss issues of national importance, but with chillness and humour. Kamra sits down calmly with reps of major political movements, makes them laugh, and gets to the heart of their ideologies and stands.

4. On Air With AIB


Comedy collective All India Bakchod have run their political commentary show for two seasons on TV and the internet. Explaining larger problems that India is facing, with their classic sense of humour, makes you see the comedy in our tragedy.


6. The Editor's Podcast

Popular daily Mint's editors come together to discuss the biggest economic and political stories of the week. The insightful analysis is exactly what you'd need if you haven't had time to stay in the loop with the news around the country.

7. EIC: Outrage

East India Comedy

East India Comedy have run a series called Outrage, which they also converted into a live show. Their long rants about the state of our country, laced with humour, will remind you why you need to stay angry at our country if you care.