45 Reasons Matt Is AWESOME!

“Hey Matt, how ya doin’?” “Awesome!!” “Matt, I got a new job.” “Awesome!!” “I’m running a little late, but I’ll be there.” “Awe_________________!!” We’ve all heard him say it, now here’s 45 reasons why he’s so awesome. Love you, babe.

1. He greets you at the door when you come home, every time.

2. He’s not afraid to take risks

3. He hangs out with people from East L.A.

4. He’s quite the catch.

5. You’ll never see him looking at another woman.

6. He always knows where the keys are.

7. He loves kids.

8. He’s a great dancer.

9. He always knows where the camera is.

10. That one time when he saw the neighbors’ house getting broken into. He called the cops and jumped into his car to follow the thieves. The police asked, “Can you stay with them?” Matt replied, “You betcha.”

11. Funny dog pictures will keep him laughing for hours.

12. He’s always down for a run in the park.

13. He wears sandals everywhere.

14. He cleans up well.

15. He has never lost this game. Ever.

16. He’s one heck of a ball player.

17. He opens doors for strangers.

18. He’s a UCLA fan.

19. He knows every house and car on the market from San Diego to Boise, ID.

Rich H Legg

20. He does the dishes.

21. He has his own statue on Washington Boulevard.

22. And here, too.

23. He loves morning kisses.

24. He can tell the difference between Nestle and Pillsbury cookie dough. And he takes this very seriously.

25. He’ll offer to scrub the bath and fill it with bubbles for you.

26. He’s always quick to say he’s sorry.

27. Within the first few seconds of a movie, he can tell you exactly which city the film is set in.

28. If there’s a bunny around, you can bet he’s gonna pet it.

29. He stretches before working out.

30. He’s super strong.

31. His morning routine always includes a breakfast sandwich.

32. He’s always ready for an adventure and loves to travel.

33. He has a realistic fear of sharks. C’mon guys, they’re scary! Did you know sharks have 7 senses?

34. He has the reflexes of Spiderman.

35. He loves his mom.

36. He never turns down a smiling contest.

37. He’s always fun to be around.

38. Once you convince him to do that crazy hike in Hawaii, he’ll only complain for the first three hours.

39. Then he’ll be all smiles and want to do it again.

40. He loves all things manly, including this show.

© BBC 2008

41. He is a man of great faith.

42. He is always singing a song.

43. He’ll chase down random dogs on the street to find their owners. And if he can’t catch the dog, he’ll be sad and talking/wondering about it later that day.

Actual photo of Matt holding a random dog.

44. He always has your back.

45. And just when you think you have him all figured out… you find out that he’s even more awesome.

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