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How To Cure Procrastination

The cure is simple, just follow these steps and you will be cured of the disease that tries to ruin our lives. How easy it is will leave you in awe.

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Pay Attention

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PAY ATTENTION ! You have a problem, you have been diagnosed with one of the fastest spreading diseases...procrastination. No worries I'm here to help

Mentally Prepare Yourself

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Procrastination seems to be a metal state. The only way to cure yourself is to to mentally prepare yourself and tell yourself that you will not put things off. By sitting yourself down and telling yourself to stop and do something at that moment you will immediately begin to stop procrastination. As humans we always want rewards so also mentally state to yourself the great advantages of setting this up for your self. For example, more sleep, more free time (real free time), less stress, and lots more.

Plan Plan Plan

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Don't get stuck the night before writing a 10 page essay when you have a week to finish it. Write down everything you need to do and then plan when you will do it. Giving yourself time in between your deadline and the moment when you begin working will allow you to have enough time to not stress. Also planing gives you the same feeling that you have while procrastinating, the feeling that you still have time, but unlike procrastination you actually have time.


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Concentration plays another key part in ending procrastination. No TV, random dance breaks, etc. As soon as you get home you must concentrate and deal with whatever is needed to be done whether is to take off your make up or to write that paper that is due in two weeks.


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Determination is part of mentally preparing yourself. Determination is what will drive you to your cure telling yourself that this will help and will make all that unnecessary stress in your life go away.


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Making alterations to your life no more waiting no more wasted time no more sleep deprivation. Start making sure that you make time for the things that you need to do because the TV will still be there when you are done, YouTube will be the same place, and BuzzFeed will be even better because you will have a lot more things to read.

You got this

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