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We Ranked Ube-Flavoured Foods From "Gago" To "Astig"

Ube macarons...ube cake...ube lamingtons...I want it all.

It's Filipino Week at BuzzFeed Australia — which means we're celebrating everything Filipino-Aussie culture. Today, we got four Filipino-Aussies to rank ube flavoured foods!

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Ube is a purple yam that people often confuse with taro. It's got a vanilla, nutty flavour.

Meet Erica — a singer you may recognise from your FYP; Angelo — known for his funny videos and voice impressions; Arville — the most trusted physio on TikTok; and Dominic who is known for his vibrant makeup looks on Instagram!

The ranking method follows our scientifically accurate tier system: Super God (3 points), God (2 points), OK (1 point), Meh (0 points) and Nah (-1 points).


Pastillas de Ube

Ube Mochi

Cupp Keyk

Ube Polvoron

Hopia Ube

Junior Stik-O Wafer Sticks

Ube Macarons

Ube Lamingtons

Ube French Toast

Ube Halaya Ice Cream

And finally: Ube Overload Cake

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