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11 Eyeshadow Palettes That Will Actually Pop On Brown Skin

Highly pigmented and radiant shades that you'll want to add to your collection.

Prices are in Australian dollars. Currency conversions are accurate at the time of publishing.

1. The Saffron palette by Suva Beauty, perfect for a warm and radiant look in summer.

Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed, Instagram: @bebemakeupdesign / Via

All the shades are already SUPER pigmented – but to take things to the next level, try applying them with a wet brush or finger.

Get it online for $48.

2. If you want to experiment with colour, the Masquerade palette by Juvia's Place is hyper-pigmented with loads of shades to try out.

Instagram: @platinum_d / Via, Instagram: @sylviapaing / Via

Honestly? An essential for summer.

Comes in two sizes, available online from $35.

3. For a moody artsy vibe, Morphe's 35M palette has some unique colours to test out.

Instagram: @miss_brooke_moore / Via, Instagram: @kimberlinamuax / Via

Plus, there is a great mix of metallic and matte shades.

You can apply these colours with your finger to really make them pop.

Grab it online for $35.

4. The Desert Dusk palette from Huda Beauty is vibrant and dramatic.

Instagram: @nasranuura / Via, Instagram: @kombiie / Via

There are some stunning glitter shades in there too.

Available online for $65.

5. Natasha Denona's tropic palette is a huge holiday mood.

Instagram: @rubinamakeup / Via

The versatile, buttery, soft shades are dreamy AF and blend really well together.

You can get this online for $178.

6. The Little Twin Stars palette from Sugarpill is bright, light and angelic.

Instagram: @lipdrama / Via

You can even use these shades as blush or highlighter.

Available online for just over $50.

7. For neutral essential shades, get the Nubian palette from Juvia's Place.

Instagram: @mascarajunkie_ / Via

The perfect palette for glam neutral shades.

Available online for $28.

8. Not a palette – but Stila's liquid eyeshadow shades are lightweight and can be layered for a more dramatic vibe.

Instagram: @annie__han / Via

They don't smudge or anything.

Get them from Mecca for $35.

9. Huda Beauty's Obsessions palettes are super creamy and easy to blend.

Instagram: @ashley_delamore / Via, Instagram: / Via

There's a few to choose from – Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Electric – something for every mood of every day.

You can get these online for $27 each.

10. The Block Party palette by Suva Beauty has a great mix of bright summer shades.

Instagram: @evyxo_ / Via, Instagram: @karen_harris_makeup / Via

This palette comes with 10 bold and playful colours. They're also cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Available online for $41.

11. And finally, Rimmel's Magnif'Eyes colour edition palette has the perfect balance of bright shades and essential nudes.

Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed

It even comes with a long, double-ended brush-sponge applicator.

Get it from Priceline for $21.95.

Getty Images / BuzzFeed

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