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25 Struggles All Students Know To Be True About The First Day Back From Break

*Starts counting down to the last day of the semester*

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1. When you realize you only have a few days left of break.

2. As the first day back approaches, you feel like you forgot EVERYTHING.

3. Realizing your sleep schedule will never be the same again.

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Sleep? Lol what's sleep?

4. Then you start calculating how much sleep you could possibly get.

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5. Morning arrives, and your alarm starts ringing. Ringing LOUD.

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6. Time to get dressed!


*Has a closet full of things to wear*

7. Heading off to school like:

8. You finally arrive on campus and there are just people everywhere.

9. You finally head to class and already want to leave.


10. "Why don't we go around the room and tell the class about yourself."


11. The professor hands out the syllabus and you realize you have A LOT of work this semester.


12. Instead of paying attention in class, you are trying to figure out how much time you have left until class is over.

13. You realize there is still a lot left to go.


14. You're already there so might as well do your best to pretend you're listening.


15. But deep down inside, you are really bored.


16. Bell rings, class is over, and you are the first one out.

17. But you still have a few more classes to attend before the day is actually over.

18. All you want to do is just go back home and sleep.


19. You're sitting in your last class of the day still trying to pay attention but it's just not happening.


20. Finally, the day is over and you get to go home.


*Runs faster than the speed of lightning*

21. After arriving to your humble abode, you get started on studying.


Or you at least try to get started.

22. You take a break from studying because it's just all too much to handle at the moment.

23. You're still overwhelmed by all the work so you make a plan to spread the work out over time.

24. After spending hours procrastina..err..studying, you finally get to go back to bed.

25. Then you realize you have to do it all over again the next day.

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