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    19 Animal Vines Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    Six seconds of adorable hilariousness.

    1. This dog has a lot of explaining to do.

    2. This frog getting tickled.

    3. This turtle making its debut appearance with Coldplay.

    4. This cat doesn't want to answer the question nor does he want to be kissed.

    5. Seriously, this cat does NOT want to be kissed.

    6. This sheep trying to steal a kiss.

    What is it with cats and not wanting a little smooch?

    7. This dog is going out with a bang.

    8. This cat getting scared by her owner.

    9. This llama is too cool for you.

    10. This cat really wants a treat.

    11. This dog has a bone to pick with that Mickey Mouse glove.

    12. This little lamb hopping his way into your heart.

    13. This llama is ready to par-tay!

    14. This dog doing a trust fall.

    15. This cat has a bad case of the hiccups.

    16. Baby goat say “what what?”

    17. This little fella trying to sneeze.

    18. This squirrel wasn’t ready for a yawn and neither were we.

    19. This cat who cannot climb to the top of the bed.