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15 Reasons Why You Should Follow Cookie Monster On Twitter

He'll make you one happy monster.

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1. He'll always leave you guessing.

Only one thing make me more happy than cookie...TWO cookies!!!! You know what make me happier than TWO cookies? You can take one guess…

2. He will show the positive outcomes of using your noodle!

Even though it not cookie, me think spaghetti is deeelicious too! Whoever invented it was really using their noodle!!!

3. He gives credit to where credit is due.

Whoever invented Cookie Dough ice cream is genius! Me think dey deserve their own national holiday. Who agree?!

4. He encourages everyone to try new foods.

Today me feel like trying new food called couscous. Just because-cause.

5. He'll teach you the importance of self-care.

Ah, it almost feel like summer. Me have hammock. Me have glass of milk. Me have COOKIE! Dis weather (and cookie) make me one happy monster.

6. He reminds everyone to always be thankful.

Me woke up especially thankful for three things today: cookies, cookies and more cookies. Me monster of simple tastes...

7. When in doubt, do a Googly search.

Me don’t know why me monster eyes move like dey do. But me will look it up online – do a Googly search.

8. Such an important life hack.

Helpful hint: to remove cookie crumbs from fur, blow dryer work wonders. Extra bonus: fur come out so shiny and manageable!!!!!!

9. He'll throw in some delicious recipes too!

Recipe for cookie sandwich: take two cookies and put cookie in between dem. Garnish with sprig of parsley. Mmm

10. He'll teach you how to make hard decisions.

Me cannot decide if it nap time or snack time...

11. He'll keep you alert at all times.

Which came first, da cookie or da egg? Ok, answer pretty obvious. Me just wanted to see if you paying attention.

12. He'll teach you to be kind to all other monsters.

Me finally meet da other cookie monster everybody talk about!!! @TherealTaraji not blue and furry like me imagined.

13. He is a great diet buddy!

Me trying not to eat any more between-meal snacks. Me going cold turkey! Mmmm… cold turkey.

14. He is always willing to share his cookies.

Me LOVE #WorldKindnessDay! It reminder for me to always share me COOKIES!!!!!!!!! Now. Who want cookie? Me have plenty to share!! 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

15. So follow Cookie Monster on Twitter for the ultimate tweets and delicious cookies.

Me LOVE cookies but me LOVE SHARING me cookies even more! Me wish me could give cookies to everyone!!!!!!

You won't regret it!

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