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13 Reasons Why You Should Love Joe Jonas

There is a reason why he was your favorite Jonas Brother.

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1. Let's all take a moment to appropriate Joe Jonas.

2. Not only is he a great singer.

Instagram: @joejonas

3. But a great dancer.

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5. Basically, the greatest triple threat out there.

Disney Channel / Via

7. He has a great sense of style.

Diesel / Via

8. He can rock any hair color.

Getty Images/Jason Merritt
Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz

9. His new band is dope.

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11. His snaps will give you life.

Instagram: @joejonas

12. His tweets will slay you.

Always fun writing a song that's gonna piss someone off. 😏

13. And finally, Jonas selfie game strong.

Instagram: @joejonas
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