10 Things We Always Say To Our Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are 10 things that we love to say to our moms.

1. “Mom, am I your favorite child?”

2. “Yes Mom, I am still single.”

Fox / Via pinterest.com

And no I don’t want you to set me up.

3. “You give the best advice, Mom.”

Entertainment One / Via degrassi.wikia.com

4. “Mom, things are different now, you don’t understand.”

5. “Mom, can you help me?”

Universal Pictures / Via goodreads.com

6. “Mom, thanks for always being there for me.”

7. “Mom, aren’t you proud of me?”

8. “Mom, stop embarrassing me!”

Paramount Pictures / Via giphy.com

9. “No Mom, I don’t know what I want to do with my life.”

HBO / Via nsmbl.com

10. “I love you, Mom!”

Flickr: ada sandiwara / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 7493048@N08

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