10 Struggles Everyone Faces When They’re Sick

We’ve all been there, being sick is literally the worst.

1. You tell all of your friends that you’re dying.

Paramount Pictures / Via newfangledpicture.tumblr.com

2. You self-diagnose yourself on WebMD.

Which usually confirms your belief that you’re dying.

3. You really wish your mom was around to take care of you. 2

Warner Bros. Television / Via mirrored-illusions.tumblr.com

She always knows what to do.

4. You struggle trying to figure out what medication to take.

Columbia Pictures / Via blossombooks.nl

5. You make your friends to take care of you.

Which they’re usually happy to do.

6. Random people ask if you’re okay when you’re obviously sick.

No, I just always look like I’m dying. Of course I’m not okay.

7. You have to deal with germaphobes.

I get it, I’m not going to cough on you.

8. Anything that requires thinking is a struggle

Fox / Via reddit.com

Literally all you want to do is watch TV.

9. You question what you did to deserve this.

Fox / Via amauta.biz

Why do bad things happen to good people???

10. You finally start to feel better.

ABC / Via bustle.com

No sickness is going to keep you down for too long.

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