Online PC Support An Event Planner's Lifesaver

Who would have ever known that is important to hire Online PC Support Company to manage your wireless blogging events.

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It was January of 2009 and we were planning an event and we needed Wireless Internet Connection from one of our Sponsors and AT&T was the current provider for the Los Angeles Contract. We had a problem because the Wireless Technology was lit for the event but our temporary network had a problem because of a misconfiguration with one of our computers. It was a potential disaster where we would not be able to launch a blogging contest to document the special event. We had 200 bloggers that were launching their stories to 100,000 + people that were the online audience for the day. If we did not have have an Online PC Support with our IT Support provider, it would have cost over $200,000 in losses trying to resolve this issue.

This type of Event Emergency is very real for many professional event companies and production companies. We stumbled upon John Lee who is a spokesperson for Fixicom in La Mirada and he explained IT Solutions and PC Support perfectly.

John Lee Explains:

Focus On YOUR Business, Not on OUR Business

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