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    Man Finds Grumpy Cat In A Banana, Proves Grumpy Cat Is Jesus

    It's a Grumpy Cat miracle. Praise the lord!

    Evidence has recently been discovered proving that Grumpy Cat, everyone's favorite grumpy animal, is in fact the second coming of Christ. The evidence is as follows:

    This is Grumpy Cat.


    This is Grumpy Cat on a banana slice.

    Colin Lenton / Via Instagram: @colinmlenton

    This banana slice with an astonishing likeness to Grumpy Cat was discovered by Colin Lenton and posted to instagram on Sunday August 18, 2013. Yes, God was working on a Sunday.

    This is a side by side for comparison.

    Grumpy Cat (left), Grumpy Cat Banana (right)

    This is Jesus...


    ...according to white people.

    This is Jesus on a chip.

    Dale O'Dell / Via

    This is another side by side for comparison.

    Jesus Chip (left), Grumpy Cat Banana (right)

    This is Oprah examining the evidence.

    This is the only logical conclusion.

    This is how christians feel about all of this.

    This is how Grumpy Cat feels about all of this.

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