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    21 Rubber Ducks In Unexpected Situations

    Don't you dare try to limit a rubber duck to the confines of your bath tub. It WILL go rogue.

    This giant, recently-deflated duck led a bold and fabulous life traveling the world as an art installation. But he's not the only rubber duck living on the edge.

    1. Rubber ducks actually party hard.


    2. Just look at them waiting to get into the club:

    3. Hi, you're looking at the star of every holiday party.

    4. Rubber ducks have really cool friends, like this dog who invited them to hang out in his living room:

    5. And this cat who makes sure to schedule plenty of snuggle dates with his bestie.

    6. Or this puppy who has a super close relationship with her pal:

    7. Some rubber ducks are into non-traditional bath tub situations:



    10. And some rubber ducks prefer to venture out on their own.

    11. They take excellent selfies.

    12. This rubber duck doesn't need friends because it's SURROUNDED BY CHEESE WEDGES:

    13. There's nothing odd about a rubber duck sitting on a miniature bench in autumn whilst gazing upon fallen leaves. Move along.

    14. And there is nothing more awesome than being a rubber duck and hanging out in a TARDIS mug.

    15. This duck is spending its early 20s traveling the world:

    16. While these ducks spend their time bedazzling a car:

    17. Some ducks are into being extreme.

    18. They have a bit of a wild side...

    19. ...which occasionally includes cameos on ear gauges:

    20. Expeditions to unfamiliar places...

    21. ...and treks through the mean streets.

    Rubber ducks aren't as innocent as you think. Just remember this:

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