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5 Can't Miss Web Series

As the genre of web series has gained popularity, the space has become overcrowded with some pretty terrible series. It has also drown out some amazing content as it is harder to find the needle in the haystack. Luckily for you I have found a few gems to start binging right away.

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1. Work, in Progress

Team Biscuit Films, LLC / Via

When Jake loses his job that he hates a whole new world opens up. He dives into the sea of odd jobs and daily work to find his new passion. He searches for what he truly wants to do in life by taking as many random jobs as possible. The jobs he picks are mostly dead end jobs, but he works to justify their importance with his girlfriend, his friends, and ultimately himself. Jake works to keep the hope alive in a city that suddenly has no boundaries, but also, no safety net.

Watch the entire series here.

3. Job Interviews

Painted Lady Productions / Via

Michael, an entitled theatre graduate who feels he is overqualified for entry level work. As his savings diminish he starts looking for jobs in every possible market and becomes completely disappointed with low pay, scams, and incompetence. This is Job Interviews.

Watch the full series here.

4. Welcome Home

Next Evolution Media Production / Via

Ron, Justin, and Jen are old high school pals who find themselves living back in their same hometown in upstate New York. It’s not their first choice, but life tends to throw curveballs you’re unable to hit. We’ve all been there. The sitcom revolves around the never-ending effort of the three of them trying to better their lives and regain their status level in their home town.

Watch the full series here.


Iron Zoo Productions / Via

Chronos is an anthology series, where every episode takes the point of view of a different character. The series is set in a world where time travels exists in the form of natural disasters aptly called, “time storms.” These storms are completely random and cannot be prevented or controlled. The people of this world are forced to deal with the ensuing chaos as they are flung back and forth through time. Government agencies try to maintain order and prevent the spread of alternate timelines, while others seek to manipulate history for their own insidious purposes.

Watch the full series here.

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