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The Sneezer Scale: A Richter Scale For Your Face

Just like the Richter scale measures earthquakes, the Sneezer scale measures face-quakes. Check out the 7 definitive sneeze-styles and what they say about you.

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  • 1. The Stifler

    TRANSLATION: A sympathetic perfectionist.

  • 2. The Twee-Sneeze

    TRANSLATION: A dreamer prone to feeling insecure and restless.

  • 3. The Sneezegasm

    TRANSLATION: Adventurous, inclined to take up fads.

  • 4. The Squeaker Sneeze (Lady Version)

    TRANSLATION: Egocentric, yet more sensitive than the exterior suggests.

  • 5. The Squeaker Sneeze (Dude Version)

    TRANLSATION: Vain, gossipy, wasteful with money.

  • 6. The Tommy Gun

    TRANSLATION: Pragmatic, stubborn, single-minded, and quick-tempered.

  • 7. The Snotsplosion

    TRANSLATION: Jack of all trades, master of none.