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5 Weirdest Cold Remedies

These freaky folk remedies will make you think twice before your next sneezefest.

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  • 1. Curing a Sinus Headache With Electric Eels

    The ancient Greeks believed that an aching head could be cured with a shock from an electric eel. Greek Theater=1, Greek Medicine=0.

  • 2. Cure A Fever With The Ol' Onion Foot

    In Canada and the US, some believe that placing onions on a child's feet will draw a fever out of the body.

  • 3. Curing Cold Sores With Ear Wax

    Some North Americans believe that cold sores can be cured by applying your own ear wax to them. Don't limit your rep to the herpes kid, you can now be gross ear wax mouth guy too!

  • 4. Cure a Cough By Greasing Up Your Feet

    Another bizarre North American folk cure for a cough involves greasing up your feet in Vick's Vapo Rub then throwing on a pair of thick socks. Of course, Vicks does not endorse this method.

  • 5. Cure Malaria and Arachnophobia In One Go

    In the UK, tablets of compressed spider's webs were used to cure Malaria. In some cases, patients were told to eat the actual spider while it was alive!