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Unusual Roku Channels That Actually Exist

You got serious channels like Netflix and VEVO, and there are some unusual ones lurking in the channel store...

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Via Twitter: @smurph25

So on Christmas Day, I got a Roku LT media streaming box as a present for my bedroom TV. While there are some channels that are worth adding, such as Netflix, VEVO, CNET and Sky News (and if you're in the UK like myself: BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Demand 5 and NOW TV), there are some channels that are somehow unusual.

So here are some of the unusual channels that I found on the UK Roku Channel Store that are available publicly (this list excludes private channels that are hidden). Also I took the screenshots from my phone of what it looks like on my TV from (if any) the menus.


Roku/FYDO / Via Twitter: @smurph25

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Yes, there are film channels on Roku (some free, some you have to pay), but this free channel is focused more about one thing: Fan fiction. Bonus points for having a stock photo of a dog with shades and popcorn as a mascot.


Roku/FTW TV / Via Twitter: @smurph25

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This linear channel (meaning that you can't pick a video and play, it just plays) is like putting every motorbike video on the internet on shuffle, which is exactly what this Roku channel is about, plus do expect unexpected punk videos.

Also, I have no idea what FTW stands for.

3. Firewood Hoarders TV

Roku/Firewood Hoarders TV / Via Twitter: @smurph25

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Set up by the Firewood Hoarders Club, this channel is probably ideal if you're a lumberjack. A majority of the videos are from its' members showing off chainsaws and axes to fireplaces.

4. Cruise Addicts

Roku/Cruise Addicts / Via Twitter: @smurph25

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No, not the channel for people obsessed with Florida Georgia Line's hit song, it's fro people obsessed with cruises. The channel consist of a weekly audio podcast show called 'Cruise Radio', and videos about various cruise lines.

5. 911

Roku/911 / Via Twitter: @smurph25

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There is a Roku channel about 911 calls, well 11 different audios. It features a call from singer Nicki Minaj from 2011 after she had a fight in a hotel in Dallas, Texas and a 911 call from someone claims McDonald's robbed him.

6. War Games with Miniatures

Roku/War Games with Miniatures / Via Twitter: @smurph25

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If you're into historic war figurines then this channel is for you, there is even a video about how to broadcast your game online.

Did I miss any other odd Roku channel (public, of course)? Comment below...

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