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Lessons From The Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Congratulations to Sweden for winning this years Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan, and as it draws to a close for another year, here is a look back at the best and worst from this years contest, and the lessons learnt from the Europe-wide event.

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1. Be heartfelt

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Crunch Industry Oü

Ott Lepland of Estonia is a star from a TV talent show in 2009, in his native country, so with lyrics like "Listen – my heart has a voice" and "Wait – the light remains within us", you'll get the ladies to interest in this. Also "Kuula" does translate as "Listen"

2. Don't blag about Social Networking

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Eurosong Records

OK, Facebook's IPO was a disaster, so it's no surprise what this song was about from Valentina Monetta of San Marino (in case your wondering, it's gridlocked inside Italy). This entry failed to qualify from the first semi-finals, finishing in 14th place.

3. Choose your wardrobe wisely, this isn't it...

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8ball Music B.V.

Joan Franka thought it was a good idea to spice up an accoustic performance with a "Cowboys & Indians" theme, it didn't pay-off. The Netherlands (or Holland whichever you call it) have yet to qualify for the Eurovision finals on eight occations in a row, this ended up 15th place in the second semi finals.

4. Make sure your rapping doesn't suck

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Radio Television of Montenegro

If you like rap, you won't like this entry from Montenegro, even if it's about the Euro. Despite winning numorous awards (including the theme to the movie 'Boomerang') Rambo Amadeus didn't qualify from the first semi-finals, finishing in 15th place.

5. Make sure the lyrics are appropriate, not sexist

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Sony Music

Pretty sure the translation for this entry from Austria is NSFW, especially if you have children around. With lyrics like "Let's go, shake your booty, Shake your ooh - ooh, Let's go, shake your booty, Yeah, yeah - that's how I like it..." it makes it put off for women. This finished in last (18th) place from the first semi-finals.

6. Don't go for a song that'll put people to sleep

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Conehead Management Ltd.

If it's Engelbert Humperdinck of the United Kingdom, ...what was it again? This entry ended up in 25th place (second from last) in the finals.

7. Go for a powerful ballad, as a duet

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Gréta Salóme Stefansdóttir

Gréta Salóme & Jónsi of Iceland have the right formula for an epic song.

8. Don't go over-the-top

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Synnes Music

Sadly, Tooji from Norway ended up with the woodern spoon, in last place, probably explain this...

9. Respect the senior citizens

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Lic. Dom Ludmily Zykinoi

OK, Buranovskiye Babushki (or Buranovo Grannies) of Russia's singing maybe all over the place, but they're loveable, they finished second in the finals and they're getting a lot of media attention too...

10. Finally... Make sure everybody likes it

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Warner Music

This dance entry from Loreen of Sweden has the right formula, and won it for her own country. Enjoy this song, looks like she'll have worldwide success...

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