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Designers' Idea Of Apple's Smartwatch vs. Apple's Actual Smartwatch

Because designers wanted to imagine what Apple's new smartwatch would looks like, some looked more unrealistic than others.

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Prior to the announcement of Apple's hugely awaited smart watch on September 9th, independent designers rely on rumours and patent designs to imagine what Apple's new wearable device would look like. Many of them were widely predicted to be called the "iWatch".

Here are a gallery of what designers think Apple's smartwatch looks like.

And here is Apple's actual watch...

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It's called Apple Watch (and not iWatch or iMe), it doesn't have a built-in camera or a projector, but does have a rounded rectangle face shielded by a glass or sapphire display, in stainless steel, aluminium or gold, in 38mm or 42mm cases, and comes in various straps and buckles in three collections (those are called 'Apple Watch', 'Apple Watch Sport' and 'Apple Watch Edition'), plus it doesn't look like a fitness band or an "iBracelet".

So for the independent designers out there...


Please dispose the "iWatch" concept designs immediately.

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